TO The chief accountant, AGL

Dear Sir

I enclose an electricity bill for 2/19 L**** St which you recently sent me. Once again I draw to your attention that you are not authorized to send me that bill. The bill should be coming from Origin Energy.

I originally responded to your salesman by transferring billing authorization for flats 1, 2 and 3 to you but in view of your bungling I cancelled the authorization for flat 2 on October 31, 2007. I did so on the supplied form and within the allowed time. I enclosed with the form a letter which I have now posted online for all to view. You can view that letter here:

Your office subsequently rang me to confrm that the cancellation had been received.

To date, however, the cancellation has not been acted on. Please do so NOW!

Your serial incompetence defies belief. All I have ever asked from you is correctly made-out accounts but that seems to be quite beyond you. I have started a blog recording my letters to and about you in the desperate hope that someone there might be motivated by publicity to get your house in order. See:

Neither I nor the Energy Ombudsman have had any success with you so far.

Yours faithfully

Dr John RAY

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