Saturday, November 1, 2014

1 November, 2014


Dear Sir,

I am disappointed that I have so far received no reply to my last two letters to you.  Are you really so thick that I once again will have to ask the Energy Ombudsman to squeeze some civility out of you?

I advise as follows:

I have two gas services to my building: One for upstairs and one for downstairs. Neither are much used.

Because of your atrocious daily connection charges, I have had a licensed gasfitter connect all the services in the building to the one meter.  So there is now one meter that is disconnected and not doing anything. 

Please therefore take a final reading off the disused meter and terminate the associated account.  I will withhold payment of my outstanding gas accounts until you do that

Yours disgustedly,

(Dr) John Ray

Thursday, October 9, 2014

9 Oct 2014

Qld 4102
9 Oct 2014


Dear Sir/Madam

I am the owner of the above property.  It has at the moment 2 little-used gas services.  I pay for them both.  In the light of your increased daily charges I would like to combine them into one.  I am happy to have my gasfitter do that and hold the surplus meter for your collection but you may also wish to quote for the job.

Please advise

Yours faithfully

(Dr) John Ray

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

17 September, 2014

Qld 4102
17 September, 2014

Dear AGL Gas,

I pay the gas bill of flats 1 and 3 at the above address.  I enclose two recent bills received.  As the gas at flat 1 is used only about once a week, the bill is normally low.  This month it is high.  I note also that the bills for flats 1 and 3 are identical -- which is improbable.  I suspect an error.  Please check and advise

Yours etc

John Ray

Monday, September 17, 2012

17 September, 2012

Energy Ombudsman
Lvl 9
179 North Quay

Dear Sir,

I am once again having trouble getting any sense out of AGL and request therefore that you try.

The difficulty appears to be that they cannot cope with me paying the gas account for TWO properties.  On an unspecified date some time in May, they invoiced me $40.33 for gas supply at 1/19 Longwood St.

At an unspecified date in June they invoiced me for $96.16 for gas supply at 3/19 Longwood st.

I paid both bills with a single cheque for $136.49 which they cashed on 25 June.

On their latest invoice (copy enclosed) however they show the $40.33 as unpaid.  Their bookkeeping would obviously fail them in any accounting course.

Please get them to remove the overdue debit for $40.33.  I have of course tried myself to get some sense out of them but have been ignored.

You might also suggest to them that putting dates on their invoices  would be a good idea.  I in fact doubt that they have any legal standing the way they are

Yours etc

Dr John Ray

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

AGL just as bad in South Australia

AN elderly South Australian Housing Trust resident was so upset to receive a quarterly electricity bill for almost $4500 she ended up in hospital. Greenwith widowed pensioner Wilma Verneulem, 72, yesterday told The Advertiser she was stunned to open an account from energy provider AGL demanding $4489.71 for just three months of electricity use.

Residents in a group of six units where Mrs Verneulem has lived since 1993 said it was the final straw in a Housing Trust and electricity supplier bungle that has been ongoing for more than a decade.

An advocate for the residents, Doug Eadon, yesterday said over the years people living in the group of six units at Nellan Dare Court had received electricity bills for all of the units in one of their names.

"It is beyond a joke – Wilma was taken to the Modbury Hospital the other day with high blood pressure because of all the stress about this," Mr Eadon said.

After inquiries by The Advertiser yesterday, an AGL spokeswoman said the utility would contact Mrs Verneulem to "sincerely apologise for the incorrect high bill". She said the error was due to a "mismatch between the distributor's meters at Mrs Verneulem's property".

"As a consequence, incorrect consumption was calculated which resulted in the high bill," she said. "Due to the inconvenience caused, AGL will waive the outstanding charges."

Opposition housing spokeswoman Vickie Chapman yesterday said a State Government policy to charge tenants for an essential service without giving them independent meters caused such problems.

Housing Minister Jennifer Rankine said there would be an inspection today by Housing SA officers to "ensure the residents are happy".


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Letter to Accountant, Chaos headquarters, AGL

Dear Sir,

It sure is a long, long road to get sense out of AGL.

I am of course pleased that you have at last taken note of previous approaches from me and from the Ombudsperson and revised my gas bill to show nil owing. Progress! We still have two more baby steps to go, however.

The enclosed gas bill is addressed to "Mister Ray", despite umpteen requests to address it to "Dr John Ray". Why is that so hard to fix? If you doubt my credentials, my doctorate was awarded in 1974 by Macquarie University. Check with them.

Secondly, the bill is addressed to 2/19 Longwood St for some unknown reason. The supply is for 1/19 Longwood St and the bill should also be so addressed. Why is that so hard?

And the electricity bill also returned herewith is invalid. Your authority to charge me for supply at 2/19 Longwood St was withdrawn last year. The bill should be coming from Origin. I don't know how many times this has been raised with you but please be advised that I will not pay the bill until it comes from Origin. Work on it!

Yours amazedly


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Letter to Accountant, AGL Electricity, Brisbane

Dear Sir,

Please find returned herewith a curious collection of documents recently received from you. I think I get the point you intend to make.

Please amend your records so that my salutation is "Dr", not "Mister"

Please also note that your authority to charge me for supply at 2/19 Longwood St was withdrawn last year

Yours amazedly

Dr John Ray