Letter to Jessica Hollingsworth, AGL

Thank you for you letter in reply of 8th. Sort of sad that I had to complain to a regulator to get a reply out of you, though.

I am amused by your statement that there was no gas consumption at 1/19 Longwood St from 20 June to 14 Sept. Thank you for the free gas! Long may it continue.

Please advise how the Supply charge is calculated.

Since I have your attention, I thought I might draw your attention to another letter that AGL seems disinclined to answer. I enclose a copy. I am on the brink of complaining to a Govt. Dept. about the matter concerned so an expeditious reply would probably be wise.

A simple acknowledgment of the letter and confirmation that the contract had been cancelled would have been a sufficient reply. Though I can also think of wiser replies.

Please answer this letter promptly.