Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Letter to Accountant, Chaos headquarters, AGL

Dear Sir,

It sure is a long, long road to get sense out of AGL.

I am of course pleased that you have at last taken note of previous approaches from me and from the Ombudsperson and revised my gas bill to show nil owing. Progress! We still have two more baby steps to go, however.

The enclosed gas bill is addressed to "Mister Ray", despite umpteen requests to address it to "Dr John Ray". Why is that so hard to fix? If you doubt my credentials, my doctorate was awarded in 1974 by Macquarie University. Check with them.

Secondly, the bill is addressed to 2/19 Longwood St for some unknown reason. The supply is for 1/19 Longwood St and the bill should also be so addressed. Why is that so hard?

And the electricity bill also returned herewith is invalid. Your authority to charge me for supply at 2/19 Longwood St was withdrawn last year. The bill should be coming from Origin. I don't know how many times this has been raised with you but please be advised that I will not pay the bill until it comes from Origin. Work on it!

Yours amazedly


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Letter to Accountant, AGL Electricity, Brisbane

Dear Sir,

Please find returned herewith a curious collection of documents recently received from you. I think I get the point you intend to make.

Please amend your records so that my salutation is "Dr", not "Mister"

Please also note that your authority to charge me for supply at 2/19 Longwood St was withdrawn last year

Yours amazedly

Dr John Ray

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Threatening letter

TO: Energy Ombudsman

Re: AGL gas bill for 1/19 L*** St

Dear Sir,

I have written to you about this matter. I have written to AGL accounts in Brisbane. I have written to the AGL internal ombudswoman in Melbourne about this matter but all I get is the threatening letter enclosed.

To reiterate: I was recently told by AGL via you that my gas usage was too small to raise a bill but now I am told that I owe $95. My gas usage is of course unchanged at a very low level. I want the matter re-examined before I pay this bill.

Please see if you can get an intelligent response out of AGL.