The confusion continues


Dear Sir,

I have received what appear to be two different gas accounts for the same premises - 1/19 L*** St. Please advise which one is correct. I enclose them.

Also please explain the amounts. I have a letter from the Energy Ombudsman dated 1 May 2008 in which he advises that my gas account was $284.28 in credit. How did I go so rapidly from credit to debit -- and why is the debit much higher than usual?

I note also that my electricity accounts still require action. Please withdraw the debit for 2/19 L*** St -- which you were not authorized to raise -- and reissue the invoice for 1/19 L*** St properly made out to me at that address. I note that I have not yet received ANY electricity bill made out to 1/19 L*** St.

I note that I have paid the electricity bill for 3/19 L*** St as it was clearly made out. Please ensure that your records show that.

You have a propensity to "lose" awkward correspondence but please do not "lose" this letter -- as you will just move your obligation to answer to the Ombudsman if you do that

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