A tiny bit of progress

TO: Energy Ombudsman, S. Bris.

Thank you for your letter of 11th.

I advise that I have indeed sent in a written reversal of my changeover agreement for 2/19 L**** St electricity supply. I sent it in to AGL using the supplied form and within the specified timeframe. I also included an explanatory letter (copy enclosed) at the same time.

AGL don't do written replies to mere customers unless the Ombudsman prods them so the reply I got from AGL in reponse to my form was by phone -- assuring me that the reversal had been done. Obviously, it has not however.

Please get them moving on it

Thank you for the clarification of the intent of the most recent electricity bills. Next time you are speaking to them you might remind them to reissue the bills with the particulars corrected. I cannot pay them until that is done.

I note that my letter to you of June 27 regarding new gas bill madness from AGL still awaits your reply.

AGL are beyond parody

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