I had a couple of calls from the Energy Ombudsperson last week. They have apparently been talking to AGL about my matter.

But not a peep out of AGL as yet.

The gas and electricity companies that we had for years here in Brisbane never gave me any problems. Very sad that they were taken over.

The Ombudsman penalizes them whenever they have to contact them. $110 a throw I think it is. But nothing can move stupidity, it seems.

A weird thing is that AGL have their own internal Ombudsperson -- Jessica Hollingsworth. But she is useless as sh*t.

The only consolation I can think of is that AGL have not as yet sunk to the depths of British Gas -- but you have to be British to sink that low (invading people's houses while they are away etc.) -- I hope.

The appalling story of one couple's troubles with BG (British Gas) is told here

BG have been trying to take over some Australian energy company recently. I fervently hope they fail. The Australian government should legislate to block the b*stards if need be.

I gather that BT (British Telecom) is the world's worst telephone company too. Incompetent bureaucracies (public or private) seem to be part and parcel of the British "genius".

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