Letter of 13 May 2008

TO: Jessica Hollingsworth, AGL, Melbourne

Thank you for your letter of April 30 regarding my Brisbane gas account. I note that my letter about my electricity account has as yet had no reply. No doubt that has been "lost" too. AGL clearly loathes talking to its customers. Not smart. That I have to write to someone in Melbourne about Brisbane matters seems symptomatic of AGL's moronic policy ideas.

Your letter of 30th STILL has not complied with my original request. So I have to raise the matter again with the Ombudsman? I asked you to return whichever of the two versions of my last gas account that you finally decided was the right one. That you claim to have "lost" both is no excuse. Send a copy.

I further note that you have now twice sent me revised versions of my gas accounts WITHOUT any explanatory letter. Has it occurred to you that getting an unexpected bill can be alarming to people? On both occasions the account should have arrived with an accompanying letter of apology. There was none. Even a cockroach has better manners than AGL.

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