Letter to Michael Fraser, Chief Executive, AGL, Brisbane

Enclosed find a cancellation form for electricty supply.

From experience, I don't expect brains from AGL but you may be interested in WHY I am cancelling the agreement.

Part of the deal was that I got a windup torch on signing. The torch does not work.

I called two days running seeking a replacement torch but just got transferred from one person to another -- ending up with an irrelevant menu.

So cancelling seemed to be the only way to get your attention.

I also note with some annoyance that the cancellation form did not give an address to which it should be sent. I think that puts you in breach of the Fair Trading Act
Letter to the Qld Energy Ombudsman

I seek your assistance with AGL Brisbane.

I recently received from them a new-format gas bill which was full of verbiage but completely unintelligible. I think that part of the problem may have arisen from them putting the charges for two of my properties on the one bill.

I wrote to them asking for an intelligible statement of how much I owed and for what and I did get a reply dated 17th October from their MELBOURNE office over the name of Jessica Hollingsworth. She however simply asked for my phone no. so she could discuss the matter. I replied immediately that I wanted everything in writing but have since heard nothing.

Perhaps you could suggest to them that good manners do require an answer to correspondence.
Letter to J. Hollingsworth, AGL

Thank you for your letter of 17th. I prefer all communications between us to be in writing.

Please furnish me with two separate statements for flats 1 and 3 at 19 Longwood St

Please indicate clearly and separately on each statement: the time period covered; the amount charged for gas used and any other amounts
Letter to Mr Paul Anthony, Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, AGL

Re: Improper billing by your Qld. branch

My latest gas bill from AGL is a fright -- in more ways than one.

Please arrange for me to receive a version of the bill in a form that I can understand. The supply is for two flats -- nos. 1 and 3 at the above address On my reading of it, it went from $31 last time to over $200 this time ($111.98 plus $110.54 if I decipher your bill correctly) -- which is pretty crazy for two gas stoves and no other gas appliances. And one of the stoves is used only rarely -- as past bills will show. Why?

Unless you are willing to reduce your bill to the average for the last 12 months, I will have to switch to electricity. My gas stoves are old anyway. I will certainly NOT under any circumstances pay any more than the past average. I am a bit hazy on consumer law these days but I think your attempted grab would certainly rate as unconscienceable conduct under NSW law and would therefore not be enforceable.

As I am an AGL shareholder, I am inclined to ask at the next AGM why you are so zealously trying to piss off your customers. If everybody switches to electricity you will have no load and no business. You seem to be aiming at that. Why?

When I lived in Sydney years ago, AGL had rather a good image. Are you determined to destroy the brand?