Gas bill madness revived

TO: Energy Ombudsman, S. Brisbane, Qld

Dear Sirs/Mesdames,

It's hard to believe it but AGL just got worse. There has been absolutely no movement over the invalid electricity bills they sent me and now their gas bills are back in contention as well.

Last time I heard from them my gas accounts had been sorted out and I was in credit by over $200. That was apparently too good to last. Enclosed find what I have just received. There are two quite different bills for two quite different amounts but both of them are said to be for flat 1. But that is only the start. Both bills appearently cover a period in excess of a year: 580 days in one case and 457 days in another. What on earth am I to make of it? One might have expected a covering letter in explanation but no such letter was received. I will not of course be paying either bill in the circumstances.

And to cap it all, I found an AGL contractor changing the gas meter for flat 3 today. I pointed out that it was the meter for flat1 that was questionable but he had his paperwork and that was that. I must say that I found it offensive that he attacked my gas meters without first approaching me in any way and I think I deserve an apology and an undertaking that there will be no further such invasions of privacy and property rights.

This firm is so unbelievably bad that I think their operating licence should be withdrawn. That might be an example to others.

I had a couple of calls from the Energy Ombudsperson last week. They have apparently been talking to AGL about my matter.

But not a peep out of AGL as yet.

The gas and electricity companies that we had for years here in Brisbane never gave me any problems. Very sad that they were taken over.

The Ombudsman penalizes them whenever they have to contact them. $110 a throw I think it is. But nothing can move stupidity, it seems.

A weird thing is that AGL have their own internal Ombudsperson -- Jessica Hollingsworth. But she is useless as sh*t.

The only consolation I can think of is that AGL have not as yet sunk to the depths of British Gas -- but you have to be British to sink that low (invading people's houses while they are away etc.) -- I hope.

The appalling story of one couple's troubles with BG (British Gas) is told here

BG have been trying to take over some Australian energy company recently. I fervently hope they fail. The Australian government should legislate to block the b*stards if need be.

I gather that BT (British Telecom) is the world's worst telephone company too. Incompetent bureaucracies (public or private) seem to be part and parcel of the British "genius".