17 September, 2012


Energy Ombudsman
Lvl 9
179 North Quay

Dear Sir,

I am once again having trouble getting any sense out of AGL and request therefore that you try.

The difficulty appears to be that they cannot cope with me paying the gas account for TWO properties.  On an unspecified date some time in May, they invoiced me $40.33 for gas supply at 1/19 Longwood St.

At an unspecified date in June they invoiced me for $96.16 for gas supply at 3/19 Longwood st.

I paid both bills with a single cheque for $136.49 which they cashed on 25 June.

On their latest invoice (copy enclosed) however they show the $40.33 as unpaid.  Their bookkeeping would obviously fail them in any accounting course.

Please get them to remove the overdue debit for $40.33.  I have of course tried myself to get some sense out of them but have been ignored.

You might also suggest to them that putting dates on their invoices  would be a good idea.  I in fact doubt that they have any legal standing the way they are

Yours etc

Dr John Ray